3 Nigerians Declared Wanted By Singapore Interpol For Cybercrime Arrested

3 Nigerians Declared Wanted By Singapore Interpol For Cybercrime Arrested

The Lagos Police Cybercrime Unit arrested three (3) declared Nigerians wanted by Singapore Interpol for cybercrime.

Nigeria online news they deduced that one of the cybercriminals was found with 50,000 email addresses of people who were being attacked for compromising corporate email.

Nigerians were identified as 32 years old Onwuka Emmanuel Chidiebere aka Ceeceeboss TMT, Ikechukwu Ohanedozie, 34, aka Dozzy, and Onuegwu Ifeanyi, 35, aka SSGToolz.

According to the profile of the suspects released by the police on Thursday, Chidiebere resides in Lekki, Lagos state.

Ohanedozie is a native of Aro-Ikpa in Abia State, while Ifeanyi resides in Prof’s Avenue, Umudagu, Mbieri, Mba-itolu LGA, Imo State.

DCP Frank Mba, the police spokesman, said the three suspects were arrested following the intelligence report received from INTERPOL’s Cybercrime Directorate in Singapore.

The Interpol unit accused the Nigerian suspects of being the masterminds of participating in global attacks participating in massive email phishing campaigns and malware distribution aimed at stealing browser authentication data and email headers.

“The findings so far reveal that of the three suspects, Onuegwu Ifeanyi aka SSGToolz specializes in creating, designing, selling phishing links and hosting malware on websites used by the gang for phishing and hacking purposes.

“It charges fees of several million naira from other scammers who advise and enhance its phishing capabilities.

Onwuka Emmanuel Chidiebere, also known as Ceeceeboss TMT, is a Business Administration graduate from Imo State University specializing in business email hacking and hacking.

“A full forensic analysis reveals that he had more than 50,000 email accounts and websites on his laptop, including the passwords of various individuals and corporate entities around the world.

“He recruited the third suspect, Ikechukwu Ohanedozie, also known as Dozzy, a medical student at Imo State University, into the gang.

“Ikechukwu Ohanedozie classifies and profiles email accounts to determine the financial strength of potential victims and transmits the information obtained from them to Onwuka Emmanuel Chidiebere.

“All suspects will be charged in court upon completion of the investigation and prosecuted in accordance with the Cybercrime Prevention / Prohibition Act 2015.”

According to DCP Mba, Police Inspector General Mohammed Adamu has reaffirmed the Nigerian Police’s commitment to protecting cyberspace and bringing all cybercriminals forward.

It gave a guarantee of confidentiality of all the reports and complaints made to the new Police cyber portal.

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