Complete Details Of ASUU Meeting With FG As Union Moves To End Strike

Complete Details Of ASUU Meeting With FG As Union Moves To End Strike
Result of the ASUU meeting with FG

ASUU may end the strike and reach a truce with FG at Friday’s meeting, read full details below.

Nigeria online news It reports that the Federal Government and the strikers of the University Academic Staff Union reached a truce on Friday, after months of negotiation.

In a statement read at the end of their meeting, which began at exactly 12 noon, the Federal Government agreed to withdraw ASUU members from the Integrated Payroll and Personnel Information System (IPPIS) payment platform.

This has been one of the main problems that has kept teachers out of classes since March.

Labor and Employment Minister Senator Chris Ngige, who read the statement, said the government also accepted ASUU’s demand to pay its members’ salary arrears from February to June.

This will be done through the old salary payment platform, the Government’s Integrated Financial and Management Information System.

“We are also reviewing how teachers will be paid on the old platform until UTAS is ready for use.

“We also agreed that withheld wages are the component of the ‘no work, no pay’ issue that was invoked and the Minister of Education and I are working on that to get approval to lift the embargo.

“This is a transition period between the formalization of UTAS, and as soon as we finish, the Office of the General Accountant of the Federation, the National Commission of Universities and the Vice Chancellors will work together to ensure that the salaries withheld are paid through the old platform, which used the General Accounting Office to pay the salaries of university workers who were not captured in the IPPI for the months of February, March, April, May and June ”.

Ngige said the government also offered to increase the accrued allowances for university staff from N30bn to N35bn and the revitalization fund from N20bn to N25bn.

Meanwhile, Law Students has sued ASUU and FG for N10bn over the prolonged strike.

Nigerian law students sued the University Academic Staff Union and relevant ministries representing the Federal Government over the prolonged ASUU strike that has led to the closure of several public universities since March 2020.

The students, through the national president of the Nigerian Law Students Association, Blessing Agbomhere, applied for a reward of N10bn as compensation for the violation of their rights to education during the period of approximately nine months that their public learning institutions they had been closed.

The lawsuit marked FHC / ABJ / CS / 1551/2012 was filed in the Federal High Court in Abuja on Friday.

Agbomhere, a Baze University law senior who is the sole plaintiff, said a LAWSAN Senate resolution ordered him to initiate the lawsuit as a representative.

United as the accused are, ASUU; The president of ASUU, Prof. Biodun Ogunyemi; the Minister of Education; the Minister of Labor and Employment; the Attorney General of the Federation; and the Federal Government of Nigeria.

Agbomhere, through his lawyer, Luqman Momodu, urged the court to, among others, declare that he, on behalf of other students in his association, had the right to education under article 18 (1), (2) and (3) of the Nigerian Constitution and Article 17 (1) of the African Charter on Human and Peoples’ Rights (Ratification and Enforcement) Act Cap, A9 LFN, 2004.

He also asked the court, by affirming his right to education, to declare that the third and sixth defendants (the ministers and the federal government) “have an obligation to create the necessary, conducive and conducive environment to ensure that the plaintiff enjoys of a crisis -free, peaceful and uninterrupted learning in order to promote, improve and enjoy the plaintiff’s right to education ”.

It also requested a statement that “the indefinite strike action undertaken by the first and second defendants (ASUU and its president) since March 2020 that led to the closure of state universities, which has had a negative and negative impact on the Plaintiffs’ learning and the proper functioning of the academic calendar of the universities is a blatant infringement of the plaintiff’s right to education ”.

It also requested a mandatory court order “forcing the first and second defendants to suspend the strike action and return to the status quo ante bellum while negotiations for an amicable resolution of the disputed issues or between the defendants continue.”

While it requested a perpetual court order preventing ASUU from “declaring or engaging in indefinite and incessant strike actions that could ultimately interfere with, alter, repeal and undermine the plaintiff’s right to education,” it also requested an order to direct the “3rd to 6th defendants to reopen government-owned universities immediately and honor their contractual agreements with the 1st and 2nd defendants in the general interest of the plaintiff.”

It claimed “the sum of N10,000,000,000.00 (ten billion naira) only as general and exemplary damages for the loss of valuable time, opportunity, mental torture, psychological anguish and general deprivation that the plaintiff has suffered or is likely to be exposed upon graduation . “

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