FG Cuts N2 From New Pump Price, Petrol To Sell At N170.17

FG Cuts N2 From New Pump Price, Petrol To Sell At N170.17

The Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) lowered the N2 from the previously announced N155.17 gasoline depot price on Friday.

With this new price, a liter of gasoline will now sell between N166.17 and N170.17 throughout the country.

The state oil company announced the reduction in a statement late Friday.

“The NNPC is aware of a document widely circulated in the media that claims an increase in the ex-coastal price of PPMC and the ex-deposit price (with charge) to N130 and N155.17 respectively and wishes to clarify that, Although there was a slight increase in price based on the prevailing realities of demand and supply market forces, the correct prices, as can be seen on the PPMC “Customer Express” platform (online portal for the procurement of petroleum products ) are: Ex-Coastal Price – N128, and Ex-Deposit Price (with charge) – N153.17 ”, says the statement.

The statement of the Group General Manager, Group Public Affairs Division, Dr. Kennie Obateru, advised marketers to make their purchases through the online platform “Customer Express”
at the recommended prices.

Source: – Daily Trust

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