Iyabo Ojo mourns as she loses her mother to the cold hands of death

Iyabo Ojo mourns as she loses her mother to the cold hands of death

Popular Nigerian actress, Iyabo Eye has announced the death of his beloved mother, Mrs. Victoria Olubunmi Fetuga who died at the age of 67.Iyabo Ojo mourns his mother

The actress revealed this on Saturday, November 21 in a post she shared on her verified Instagram page.

According to her, her mother passed away in her sleep in the early hours of Saturday, November 21.

She revealed that she had talked to her mother about how she would love her and how she would like her to live longer and for her grandchildren to become adults.

The actress said that her mother answered “No”, that she is satisfied with the fact that [Iyabo Ojo] He is happy and added that his spirit will always be with them and will protect them.

Iyabo wrote on Instagram: “My mother, my jewel, my guardian, my pearl … is this how you said goodbye? … we were joking about this days ago …

I told you how much I want you to live long and see children grow into adult men and women, but you said no … your joy was that I am happy. May your spirit protect us and be with us. Little did I know you were ready to go …

With total submission to the will of God, I announce the death of my mother, Mrs. Victoria olubunmi Fetuga, who died in her sleep early this morning, Saturday, November 21, at the age of 67. children and grandchildren will make sure that his memories remain and persist … as promised, his spirit remains with us … iyabo watch his love “

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