Lady sheds tears as she speaks with Justin Bieber for the first time (Video)

Lady sheds tears as she speaks with Justin Bieber for the first time (Video)

A Nigerian lady who is a student of UNILAG has cried uncontrollably after talking to the popular Canadian singer, Justin Bieber for the first time.

Lady crying while talking to Bieber

The 26-year-old Canadian singer went live on Friday, November 20, and revealed that he would be speaking with some lucky fans from around the world.

Despite the thousands of fans who might have put Justin on guard at this point, Rosemary turned out to be the lucky one when the singer got on her call.

Shocked and speechless, Rosemary cried in an emotional moment as Justin continued to wait for her to control herself.

Justin Bieber asked her why she was so excited and when she finally spoke, she revealed that she was her biggest fan and that everyone at her high school knew she was obsessed with the Canadian musician.

Rosemary also revealed that she is a Political Science student at the University of Lagos, UNILAG.

The lady then took her Instagram page @ Ros.emaryyyy and announced to her family and friends how excited she was talking to the legendary Justin Bieber. “This is my best day of 2020,” he wrote on his Instagram story.

Check out the emotional video below;

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