Medical expert caution the elderly against prolonged fasting

Medical expert caution the elderly against prolonged fasting

A public health consultant, Dr. Claribel Abam, warned geriatrics (elderly) not to embark on a prolonged fast, which can have a negative impact on their bodily organs.

Abam gave the warning while speaking on “Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle” at the ongoing Port Harcourt 2020 National Convention.

Journalists report that the event, which took place both physically and virtually in approximately 67 mini-convention centers across the country, was organized by Full Gospel Businessmen’s Fellowship International (FGBMFI) Nigeria.

The theme of the event is “Come Forth As Gold”.

Abam said that maintaining a healthy lifestyle is the most important way to enjoy aging.

According to her, the aging process can cause health problems such as a reduction in the regulation of body temperature, the depletion of cells in the body and brain, inflammation and hormonal changes.

She warned the elderly not to do things as usual as they age, as the body cannot carry out all of its usual functions as it did when the individual was younger.

“If you don’t maintain your lifestyle, you will age in pain and sadness, but if you maintain a certain lifestyle, your aging will be interesting.

“The aging process affects the body a lot and when you are older you no longer need to do the things you did when you were 30 or 40 years old,” Abam said.

However, he recommended that older people adopt an intermittent fasting lifestyle, as there are numerous benefits associated with it.

Abam said the benefits include protection against diabetes, control and discipline of the eating pattern, improved metabolism and the immune system, burning of body fat and improving skin.

“If you take a fast, let’s say until 6:00 pm for a month. Make sure that between 12 hours there are 12 hours of being satisfied so that the organs of your body can function properly, “he said.

She recommended intermittent fasting for a few days after a long party or vacation to help the body’s system reorganize itself.

“As long as you do a thorough check and the results show that some things are too high, take a fast, they will go down,” he said.

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