Mixed reactions as beautiful photo of a large Family of ten goes viral

A viral photo of a large family of ten, 7 girls, 1 boy with another on the way, has made users of social networks speak and many wonder how the father feeds them.

The photo of a large family of ten goes viral

After the image went viral online, the reactions found followed it on the microblogging platform, Twitter.

While many expressed admiration for parents for having so many children, others asked questions about spending and time management.

The adorable photo was shared by Twitter user @BreAsia__ over the weekend with the caption “How big I want (my) family.”

See some of the reactions to the family yet to be identified below:

@TheMoneyTruck wrote: “And she got pregnant AGAIN. This man has lost his senses. “

@kay_unwritten said, “Oh hell no! This family is beautiful but, boy, would I cry. Is it 7 girls? 7 different personalities. 7 different hairstyles “.

@NgolaBlink commented: “This young man is going to have a fight every day of the week. Be strong, young brother. “

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