What FG Told ASUU About IPPIS Payment Platform

What FG Told ASUU About IPPIS Payment Platform
IPPIS payment platform

FG has clarified its position on IPPIS, says that ASUU is not exempt from the payment platform.

Nigeria online news informs that FG has said that the Union of Academic Personnel of Universities (ASUU) is not exempt from registering in the platform of the Integrated Personnel and Payroll Information System (IPPIS) reported by the media.

This online news outlet understands that the government made the clarification in a statement issued by Labor and Employment Minister Chris Ngige in Abuja on Saturday.

The minister said the government was cited out of context on the matter, and said there was no meeting where it was agreed that ASUU would be exempt from the IPPIS payment platform.

The minister explained that in the meeting with the leadership of the university professors, the government agreed that ASUU members who have not yet enrolled in IPPIS would receive payment through the platform with which they received the president’s compassionate COVID-19 payment. Muhammadu Buhari in the months of February. and June.

He said the platform was a hybrid platform between IPPIS and the Government’s Integrated Financial Management and Information System (GIFMIS), which he said is for the transition period, adding that no government payments would be made without IPPIS knowing.

He said IPPIS and GIFMIS would be used to pay university professors for the transition period, while the University Transparency and Accountability Solution (UTAS) continues to undergo all integrity and cybersecurity tests for its use.

The minister said: “The situation is that we have to send our communication to ASUU. I think it’s better because a lot of people are quoting us out of context, saying that we left IPPIS and that we said they shouldn’t be in IPPIS. Is not true.

“What we said at the meeting and what we agreed on was that in the meantime, during the transition period, NITDA and the Office of the National Security Advisor for cyber security are testing UTAS.

“For that transition period, ASUU members who are not yet in IPPIS will receive payment through the platform with which they were paid the compassionate COVID-19 payment made to them by the president between February and June. .

“That platform is a hybrid platform between IPPIS and the MINPSI platform for the transition period. That was what was used. It is a hybrid. This is because no government payment will be made without IPPIS knowing.

“So there is a handshake between IPPIS and the MINSI platform, and that was what was used to pay them for that period.

“So we are going to continue that until UTAS undergoes all integrity and cybersecurity testing and its use is confirmed.”

Also commenting on the new offer to ASUU, Ngige said: “The offer made is clear. You can understand it this way. Before yesterday’s meeting, the government submitted an aggregate offer of N50 billion to ASUU, N20 billion for revitalization to show in good faith that the government is still with them on the issue of funding for the revitalization and pending the affirmation of the new sources of public financing education.

“There is a committee on that and the committee is working to get new funding for education. It is a NEEDS (Needs Assessment) committee.

“So, waiting for the NEEDS committee to carry out a new funding source and strategy, the government offered them N20 billion for revitalization in addition to the funds from TETFUNDS that are also used for revitalization.

“They rejected the N20 billion and said they wanted N110 billion. And those N110 billion are 50 percent of a tranche of N220 billion. The government said they don’t have that kind of money, and then increased that N20 billion by N5 billion to become N25 billion.

“And if it becomes N25 billion, the earned allowances will rise to N40 billion for immediate pay, which equates to a total of N65 billion for revitalization and earned allowances at universities.

“The government then said alternately, ASUU may opt for revitalization to go up to N30 billion, while earning allocations for all unions in the universities will drop from N40 billion to N35 billion. That is the second basket that is offered to them.

“It’s either one. Either choose the revitalization of N25 billion plus N40 billion earned allowances or the revitalization of N30 billion and N35 billion earned allowances. “

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