”Your obsession with 2face will be your death”

”Your obsession with 2face will be your death”

Charles Idibia, brother of the popular singer, 2Face Idibia, has intervened after the incessant attacks on a fellow singer, Blackface.

charles idibia, brother of 2face

Blackface and 2Face used to be bandmates with Plantashun Boiz before going their separate ways, and since then the former has been criticizing the latter at any chance he gets.

In the most recent, Blackface called 2face over the death of his personal driver for the reasons you know best.

black face

In reaction, Charles Idibia intervened for his brother to criticize the singer for his obsessive behavior.

In reaction to Blackface’s attack on Instagram, Charles wrote;

“I hope you know that you are minutes away from running naked through the streets and singing your nonsense dead songs. Where were you when 2face housed and cared for Oga Benny for over 12 years?


2face the old driver died now you have something to run to social media with, you are a pitiful lost artist clinging to your last 5 minute dying ember of attention.
You will never tell people how 2face paid your house rent for years until you spent your house rent paid by 2face on flex and got kicked out of the house.

“Your uncle who was hosting you at festac died, what did you do? When was the last time you visited your own family? Do you ever have Oga Benny’s phone number? Your obsession with 2face will be your death, you fucking idiot. [I. B]. “

'' Your obsession with 2face will be your death '' - 2face's brother criticizes Blackface

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